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Genealogy 'Introductory' class finishes - Advanced class coming 15th May

24 April 2024

Tonight was the final of our 'Introductory' class in Genealogy/Family History. The image shows a little bit of the room (couldn't get everybody in the picture of course)... We talked about ways of organising data, the importance of looking beyond the 'basics' of BMD and the very numerous other resources available here in Scottish records, a bit on Wills and Testaments and what could be got from these, and a little on what's on our website (this site!) including our 'Where to Find'  links in the members' area (special mention of Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae) and about our Talks including the most recent one, on using 'objects' in your Family History quests.
And, our participants got a wee tour of our Library, then spent a little while on their own research with our assistance.

Our Advanced Class runs from 15th May for three weeks - same time, 7-9 p.m. Wednesday evenings. Topics will include reading older writing (especially Secretary Hand), DNA and its uses in Family History research, and more details of records beyond the basics - some topics were touched on in the Introductory class, but here we'll pursue them in more depth. There is space for one or perhaps two more participants - you need to have some expertise, from your own research or from an introductory class, but please contact us at the usual tvfhs email if you'd like to join.

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