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New Tay Valley Video-Talk! - Objects in Family History

3 April 2024

How do 'objects' figure in our family history research? How do items inspire us to search, find, uncover the stories?
Here our guest Jennifer Jolly looks at three 'objects' from her family, and tells us how they have informed her searches. Video-talk is online at https://youtu.be/8h0Pee6QLvk?si=8Tf_HuERiZWKPRKL and will be added to our videos Playlist for members. (Video and content copyright © Jennifer Jolly.)

What are your own 'objects' that have mattered in your quest?

Question and Answer session (for TVFHS members) is on the last Monday (29th) of April, at 8.00 p.m. UK time. For information and zoom link for the Q&A with Jennifer, please register at EventBrite giving your membership number or (for newer members) your date of joining TVFH Society.
(UK is now in 'summer time'.)

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