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28 February 2023
Members finding ancestors at our research centre

We are planning to start a new series of Genealogy Classes for our members, in April of this year. Watch this space for updates!
They will include sessions on getting started, types of records and how/where to find these, being wary of online ‘finds’ from popular sites, organising data, reading and interpreting older records and so forth.

The series will welcome both 'beginners' and more advanced Family History seekers. There's a small charge which we'll be announcing shortly. Classes will run at the Resreach Centre in the evening, once a week, times and days to be notified..

Image: Births St Andrews & St Leonards 453/00 0020 0192 Crown Copyright NRS

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How to uncover ancestry, heritage, stories of people, how to do genealogical or historical research, how you can relate to Scottish History and Local History.

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